What makes my service special

What I Offer

I am interactive with the children and run a programme that concentrates on the Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social Development of the child. Some of the activities attended as part of my Programme Plan are Play Groups, Nature Walks, Playground visits and Music & Movement classes.

My large indoor and outdoor facilities offer room for varied play. Children can run on grass, stretch their legs and have quick access to indoor space for further imaginative play. Because the ratios are low, the large space enables them to have room and the time to think, problem solve, explore and be creative.  These facilities,  combined with peer interaction,  optimises  fun and education in a safe play environment.

My enrollment includes  families with like-minded values.   My belief is that children need consistency between the home and care environment.  By working with the families of the children I provide Care for, we together can prepare them for the next  step and they will become confident learners!


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