Close attachment relationships makes the child feel safe and loved. Once this bond is established, children become confident and independent learners. Through my own experience, I appreciate how families feel when their child initially starts Care. I am very empathetic and have a plan in place which helps ease the child as well as their family into their new environment.
My goal is for children to have fun and feel my home is an extension to their own, nurturing a sense of belonging. I support and praise the children so they can become confident learners, feel safe and respected for the individual they are.

What I offer

I am interactive with the children and run a programme that concentrates on the Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Social Development of the child. Some of the activities attended as part of my Programme Plan are Play Groups, Nature Walks, Playground visits and Music & Movement classes. My large indoor and outdoor facilities offer room for varied play. Children can run on grass, stretch their legs and have quick access to indoor space for further imaginative play.  I choose families with like-minded values.   I believe children need consistency between the home and care environment to optimise their learning opportunities and emotional wellbeing.



North Shore, Auckland