My Philosophy

I believe children need to feel loved and a sense of belonging. I am a loving and friendly Home Educator who provides these essentials to support your child’s development.  I have experience and qualifications with pre-school care and education as well as being a parent for over 28 years.

The current children in my Care are second and third siblings of school aged children who previously have been part of our close-knit family and friends. I appreciate the trust and loyalty of my wonderful families I provide childcare for. I have been in their own situation in the past, with having a Home Based Carer provide a loving and stimulating environment for my two older children, who are now adults.
I can appreciate how it feels, as a working parent to place your child in Care and find the right person. Communication being key, by keeping you regularly informed of your childs progress and how their day has been. I understand that parents also need nurturing, especially at the start of their child going into Care for the first time as it is a change for all concerned. A kind and understanding approach from a person who has gone through the same experiences helps support this transition.

My goal is for children to have fun and feel my home is an extension to their own, nurturing a sense of belonging. Because children are respected for the individuals they are, they soon develop confidence, enjoy themselves, feel safe and supported in my Care.
I concentrate on speech, agility and self-help skills to prepare them for their next step.


North Shore, Auckland