K Ferrari

Denise has looked after both of my wee girls over the last five years and i cannot recommend her highly enough. She is responsible, thoughtful and incredibly caring. I was nervous to leave my first little one in care for the first time….but Denise soon put me at ease and i could see how much my little ones enjoyed and grew in her care.

Anne Marie

Denise has been part of our family now since 2010. She has cared for our two boys with love and attention from the time they have each been 8 months old. Denise offers a safe, child friendly home environment. She has nurtured our boys from babyhood through the terrible toddler stage. She has educated them as they developed into preschoolers. She is a wonderful caring educator who has provided personalised care for each of our children’s individual needs


Gabrielle Fletcher 

I have known Denise for several years and seen Denise’s childcare in action! Denise is always so caring with the children and exposes the children to many exciting fun activities and outings. The children are always so happy and having such a great time. I would recommend Denise for sure and you can be assured your child’s wellbeing is the priority :)

 Leaving your child in a stranger’s care, after almost one year of being with your baby every second of the day, is no easy task! But Denise’s kind, reassuring words made the transition much easier than anticipated. After our daughter had settled in…just a matter of days…I felt completely confident that Ava was in the best environment she could possibly be – a perfect combination of love, fun, and learning. Now when I drop her off she pretty much runs up the stairs and I can’t even get a goodbye kiss she’s so excited! One of the things we love most about Denise is her fantastic understanding of and commitment to the development of the kids in her care and also her many wonderful outings in nature. We are only changing care as we are moving to the other side of Auckland – we wish Ava could stay with Denise until she was ready for school!!                   Kristy vonMinden
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