Why Homebased Childcare?



*Children are recognised for the individual they are.  This is achieved  with a small ratio of no more than 1:4.

**The children in my Care and Education service get the best of both worlds….small ratio as well as involvement with our larger group of EDEN friends.  They form great friendships with their peers and have a lot of fun!  Very rewarding to observe!

***Monthly home visits by a Registered Teacher with additional reporting to you on your child’s progress as well as regular learning stories.  “Communication is Key” to a very personal relationship between the child, Home Educator and family. 

****Research has shown that close connected relationships are an integral part of brain development in the pre-school years.  After family, I believe a personalised care programme provides essential continuity, which adds value to your child’s wellbeing.   This can be achieved by the same person each day attending to and forming a close attachment relationship with the child.  The child feels secure, loved and understands their individual needs can be met.